Singer's Heart Studio Lessons for Voice Piano Recorder

Studio Information

Services Offered

  1.  Voice lessons starting at age 4 to adult
  2. Piano lessons starting at age 3 to adult
  3. Group or private recorder lessons age 4 to adult


All lessons are 30 minutes. Ages 3-5 start with 15 minute lessons. Lessons are weekly. Advanced students should have 45-60 minute lessons.

Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang but the best.

-Henry van Dyke



  1. Lessons may be rescheduled with 24 hours notice.
  2. Missed lessons are forfeited.
  3. If you arrive late to a lesson, the time is forfeited.
  4. Students are expected to continue through the summer.
  5. Students who take breaks are subject to new tuition rates if they have increased and a new time.
  6. Tuition remains the rate you began for the duration of lessons.
  7. 47 lessons per year, 5 weeks off per year. (Spring, Summer, Fall, and 2 weeks in Winter.)
  8. Every month includes 2 hours of instruction, usually 4 weekly 30-minute lessons. December has 3 lessons.
  9. The teacher may ask a student to discontinue at the end of the month for any reason.
  10. Students must notify the teacher before the next month begins if they need to discontinue lessons.


  1. All parents should read Nurtured by Love, by Shinichi Suzuki.
  2. A parent of young children should attend lessons with the student to observe and continue support during practice at home.
  3. Siblings are welcome at lessons and should be involved in a quiet activity.
  4. No food or drinks other than water in the studio. (Nursing is fine and bottles for stationary babies are fine.)
  5. Arrive up to 5 minutes ahead unless previously arranged to observe the student before your lesson time.
  6. Come in quietly and remove shoes, do not ring the doorbell.
  7. Have a seat, no need to linger in the entry area.
  8. Bring binder and books every week.
  9. Turn off cell phone noises. Observe and enjoy the lesson, avoid being on your phone the entire time.
  10. You may video any part of the lesson for the purpose of aiding practice at home.
  11. Take phone calls out to the sidewalk.
  12. If the parent or student has a fever, stay home and reschedule. (If you believe you are past contagious but have a lingering cough or sinus issues, then that is fine to come.)


  1. Arrive 15 minutes early to set up cameras, use the restroom, get seated, and put the secret pal gifts under your seats.
  2. The order of the performers is not announced until the program goes live on the blog.
  3. For acoustic concerts, wait to applause until the piano performer has put their hands on their lap and the vocal performer has come out of character.
  4. Please do not whisper during any performance. The "s" carries and is extremely disturbing to the performer.
  5. Secret Pal exchange: give a compliment when you give the gift. Be gracious and say thank you about the compliment and the gift.


Piano lessons $160/month for 4 weekly 30-minute lessons.

Voice lessons $220/month for 4 weekly 30-minute lessons.

Drop-in rates available. Please email me.

  1. Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.
  2. The preferred method of payment is Bill Pay, but Paypal, or Venmo is also accepted if you pay the fees for a service payment.
  3. Tuition is the same every month unless time is increased. Tuition pays for the same amount of time every month.
  4. Annual tuition is available at a decreased rate.
  5. No refunds.
  6. No transfers.

© Brigitte Doss-Johnson. Artwork images are paintings by Tomoe Doss.