Singer's Heart Studio Lessons for Voice Piano Recorder

Mission Statement

I am a confident, happy, and loving music teacher who strives for excellence in my own music abilities and in my skills for educating the music student.


I have set up my music studio to shape, instruct, and develop my student's abilities to perform with technical accuracy and sensitive musicality.


My studio approach incorporates methodologies from many great music educators, including Zoltan Kodaly, and Shinichi Suzuki, as well as movement education with eurythmics and the Alexander Technique.


I provide ensemble opportunities as well as performance opportunities.


Students are exposed to many different styles and cultures of music.


As students are supported by their family life, this studio also supports the family by encouraging family observation at lessons and by parent training to guide the success of the student at home.


The successful music student from my studio will have the knowledge and tools to be an introspective, independent, and sensitive musician.


Copy of Renoir by Tomoe Ishikawa Doss

If you can walk

you can dance.

If you can talk

you can sing.

             — Zimbabwe proverb

© Brigitte Doss-Johnson. Artwork images are paintings by Tomoe Doss.