Studio of

Brigitte Doss-Johnson

Voice Lessons

  • Learn to have a clear and full-bodied sound.
  • Repair your voice from previous damage.
  • Find your true voice.

Piano Lessons

  • Suzuki Method for young beginners.
  • Traditional lessons for all.
  • Studio with 2 grand pianos.
  • Pop song comping.

Recorder Lessons

  • Learn the Baroque recorder.
  • Garklein, Sopranino, Descant, Alto, Tenor, or Bass recorders.



... you have a singer's heart if you love to sing all the time, love to hear your own voice, and love the way your whole body feels while you sing.


... you have a singer's heart if your heart is so full of songs, you need to share your gift with others and wonder if there is enough time to get them all out.


... you have a pure singer's heart if you also love to hear other wonderful voices sing their heart out.


Do you have a singer's heart?

Holy Names University

Certificate in Piano Pedagogy with Suzuki Emphasis


San Jose State University

Master of Music, Choral Conducting

Brigitte Doss-Johnson has such transformative power that not only reveals all that is within one's voice and music education, but also reveals one's strength to take up space on a stage.


Brigitte Doss-Johnson is all that one could ask in a music and voice teacher. Brigitte is a ray of supportive light that provides the opportunity for individuals to discover their musical passions within an environment that balances challenge and rest.


Brigitte is an encyclopedia of knowledge! Because of my music history, theory, and general education taught by Brigitte in grade school, every music class I took at NYU was a breeze. Plus, my repertory would not nearly be as diverse.


I would not recommend any voice teacher other than Brigitte Doss-Johnson.


- Emily Goes, BFA Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts

My piano lessons with Brigitte expanded my musical horizons with a perfect mix of music theory and varied repertory. She demands a lot from her students, which made me demand a lot from myself. She also taught my daughters voice and piano, imbuing them with a love and respect for music and performance that will last them a lifetime.

- Robin Stern, BA Psychology, MLS

Brigitte changed my life: She brought my voice back from an injury when I thought I could never happily sing again!

- Hillary Herbert, BM Vocal Performance

Online Lessons

Lessons are taught on Google Meet.

I have been teaching online since the beginning of Skype and Facetime. Lessons in the virtual environment are different and I've gathered good skills for handling one-way sound. When the lockdown started, the transition went smoothly enough. I've also gained students across the states and have kept the ones who have moved. No matter your comfort level, lessons can be all online or partly online.

Kind-hearted and brimming with expertise, Brigitte knows how to challenge and nurture her students to be the best they can be. In the last ten years, I have grown so much as a performer and a person under her guidance. I know from personal experience that no matter your skill level, Brigitte will meet you where you are, and guide you where you want to go.

- Kate Bacher, "Moana" at Shanghai Disneyland Park

Finger Positions


  • Technique of the small, resting hand.
  • Balance  & arm weight.
  • Openness of wrist.


Thank you for visiting the Singer's Heart website. I hope your visit has warmed and inspired your heart. Happy musicking!


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